Microgrid Consulting Services

For clients truly serious about zero-net energy and resilience to extended and catastrophic outage events, there is no one service or technology to get you there.  Onsite renewable energy supply and consumption must be analyzed together as one electrical distribution system.  For resilience from grid outages, the system must be capable of operating independently when the utility grid is unavailable.

Within a building, we call this a nanogrid; a system that can operate in both grid-connected and off-grid (islanded) modes at a particular voltage. When this system is linked to other similar systems through distribution, these nanogrids are then linked together into a microgrid.

We created our Microgrid Services to help clients who are serious about zero-net energy and resilience, so they can achieve a higher level of energy sustainability and reliability, while minimizing generating capacity requirements through our streamlined and highly efficient design approach to hybrid-AC/DC microgrids and nanogrids.

As members of the REBus Alliance and the EMerge Alliance, Acuity Power Group is actively advancing the awareness and implementation of DC microgrids in residential and commercial applications.  As member of E-Merge Alliance’s DC Microgrid Technical Standards Committee for Buildings and Campuses, we are helping to develop international industry standards that will become the platform of a more efficient and resilient energy infrastructure.