PV Quality Assurance Services


Quality Assurance Services for Photovoltaic Power Plants (PVPP)

As independent third-party consultants, we provide PV quality assurance for project financiers and developers, and work to identify risk and assess and certify the quality of PV systems. We provide valuable insight on risk exposure, and will help identify ways to mitigate these risks.  Services are available for both new projects and existing PV systems that may be under-performing, or transferring ownership.

Our comprehensive commissioning includes independent review of design plans for code and standards compliance, with recommendations for design modifications according to industry best practices.  We provide procedural documentation from installation manuals, design guidelines and safety procedures.  PV services include energy modeling, safety and workmanship inspections, string-level IV curve tracing, thermal imaging, insulation resistance testing, ground impedance verification, code compliance inspection, O&M plan review and system performance testing and analysis.

Continuous Commissioning

Acuity Power Group provides continuous commissioning services throughout a project’s useful life, including scheduled and unscheduled site inspections for safety, system diagnostics, troubleshooting, performance testing and verification.