Our Company

Acuity Power Group, Inc. is an independent consulting firm providing expertise in Solar PV quality assurance in design, construction and operations phases for project financiers, developers, owners and stakeholders.

Headquartered in Massachusetts, Acuity Power Group provides PV inspection and testing services to assess project quality, identify and reduce project risk, shorten design and construction cycles, and provide higher levels of excellence in PV system safety and performance.

Services are provided for grid-connected and grid-parallel PV systems in commercial, institutional and utility-scale markets throughout the U.S.


Core Ideology and Values

Our Values – integrity, quality, innovation and knowledge

Our Purpose – to advance humanity through continuously improving the quality and efficacy of sustainable energy


Our Vision

We will help lead the way to a smarter and more sustainable energy infrastructure, continuously improving and sharing our knowledge, and enabling progress. Our culture, our outstanding people and our methodologies will drive excellence throughout our organization, and provide significant value for our clients and the global community.


Our Mission

Our journey begins and ends with our mission, which asserts our purpose as a company and serves as our guiding standard.

  • We strive to lead the solar industry in quality assurance, and be the preferred partner of clients that expect the highest level of PV performance and safety.
  • We will always be independent and unbiased.
  • We endeavor to continuously improve, expand and share our knowledge, to innovate, and to help advance clean energy solutions for the global community.